Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Cameroon


Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Cameroon to the United Nations, New York and to the International Sea Bed Authority, Kingston.

Tel:       1212 794 2296 (Office)  EMail:  (email)  (email)

Personal history

Date and place of birth: 26 march 1947 at Bana (Republic of Cameroon)  Sex: Male   Nationality: Cameroonian

Marital Status: Married (6 children)

Enter the Cameroon Diplomatic Service: July 1rst, 1974

Career Diplomat, rank of minister plenipotentiary, exceptional class.

Languages and skills: French (spoken and written) | English (spoken and written) | German (read and write) | Féfé (spoken and written)


Computer literacy: Microsoft Word.




A.    Degrees: BA, MA Faculty of Arts, University of Yaoundé,

Doctorate in International Relations from the Institute of International Relations of Cameroon (IRIC); University of Yaoundé, Cameroon.

B.     Rank:

Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Cameroon to the United Nations New York;

Permanent Representative of the Cameroon to the International Sea Bed Authority, Kingston.

C.    Professional Experience:

 1). National Level:

1996-2006: Inspector General at the Ministry of External Relations of Cameroon,

Responsible for the inspection of Central Services, Diplomatic Missions and Consulates Abroad. Co-ordination of all files relating to multilateral Cooperation within the Office of the Minister, in particular those relating to the United Nations (preparation of documents on international meetings and the follow-up of their outputs, in collaboration with the Directors of the Ministry and other services).

 2000- 2004: Chairman of the anti-corruption UNIT – Ministry of External Relations.

1992-1995: Secretary General, Ministry of External Relations, responsible for the general co-ordination of the various services of the ministry to ensure effective and coherent administrative and financial management.

1990-1992: Chargé de Mission at the Diplomatic Division, general secretary of the Presidency of the Republic;  this entailed examining and making proposals on various diplomatic matters contributing to the decision making process.

1989-1990: Technical Advisor, Ministry of External Relations: this included advising the Minister on files submitted for his attention by various Directors.

1975-1977: Head of Section Responsible for Consular affairs at the Protocols Department; treated files on the management of the diplomatic corps, consular and administrative matters in collaboration with Foreign Consulates, and Cameroonian administrative bodies within the country and abroad.


 2). International Level:

1977-1989: Diplomat at the Permanent mission of Cameroon to the United Nations; Second Secretary, First Secretary, Second Counsellor and First Counsellor respectively. Served as the principal collaborator of the Ambassador on administrative and budgetary matters related to the UN, in particularly within the 5th Committee and the Committee for Programme and Coordination.

2011: Vice-Chairman, executive Board: UNDP, UNFPA and UNOPS

Chairman of the 3rd Committee of the United Nations general Assembly 65th session(Social, Humanitarian, Cultural and Human Right questions)

Vice-President of the United Nations General Assembly (63rd and 65th session of UN general Assembly) as representative of Cameroon

2006-2008: Vice Chairman and member of the A.C.A.B.Q. (Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary questions)

Special Advisor of the President of the 59th session of the UN general Assembly in charge of the UN reforms.

1985: Chairman of the 5th Committee (Administrative and Budgetary Committee) for the 40thSession of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

1984, 1989, 1999, 2000: Four time Chairman of the Committee for Programme and Coordination; contributed to the successful negotiation of several proposed Medium Term Plans and the Programme Budget submitted by the Secretary General. Also participated in negotiations in reform measures embodies in the Management of the Human Resources, Rules and Regulation governing planning and evaluation of programmes and results based budgeting. Contributed also to the drafting and the follow-up of Programmes related to Africa included in the Medium Term Plan and the Budget of the United Nations  from the 1980s to the present.

Co-Chairman with the Secretary General of the United Nations of the Joint Meetings CPC/ACC (84-89); helped examine question related to the inter-agencies operation in particular co-ordination of the UN system.

Chairman of the Africa Experts Group for the preparation and support of the negotiations of Resolution 41/213 on the New UN Budgetary Process.

Member of the Cameroon Delegation to Various Sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations and Numerous International, meetings in particular sessions of ECOSSOC, OUA (AU), the Movement of Non Aligned Countries, The Group of 77, the Francophony and the Commonwealth since 1977.

Chairman of the Standing Committee No 1 of the United Nation Council for Namibia from 1981 to the Independence of the territory in 1990. Coordinated activities of the Missions of the Council and Supervised its Budget within the United Nations.

Member of Cameroon Delegation to the Global forum III to combat corruption (Seoul, South Korea 2002).

Member of the Cameroon Delegation to TICAD III Summit (Tokyo Japan, September 2003).


IV.         Other Experience and Honorary Distinctions.

Commander, National Order of Valour (Cameroon)

Officer, National Order of Valour (Cameroon)

Knight, National Order of Valour (Cameroon)

National Co-ordinator of the Preparatory process of the International Colloquium of the 21rst Africa/France Summit held in Yaoundé, September 2000 on the theme “Africa and the challenges of the Globalization” and the follow-up Preparatory ministerial meeting.

Consultant for the J Consulting Firm for the preparation of National Study on the Implementation of the Special Initiative of the United Nations System for Africa.

Facilitator at the Sub-regional Seminar organized by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies on the “Enhancing conflict Management in Central Africa” (Yaoundé 9-14 May 2004).

Consultant to the UN for the Preparation of the Yamoussoukrou colloquium on the“Cooperation between Africa and Asia in the TICAD process.”

Participation to various meetings organized by Stanley Foundation in the Year 80 on UN reforms.

Public Conferences given at the Institute of International Relations of Cameroon, the rotary Club, the Lions Club, within the framework of the activities of the Countryside Foundation for sustainable Development on the following themes:

·         United Nations and the Maintenance of Peace in the area of Globalization;

·         The Challenge of Globalization: African’s role;

·         The World Environment and Sustainable Development;

·         NEPAD and the Sustainable Development of Africa;

·         Four Decade of reform and renewal at the United Nations (2004);

·         The Contribution of Africa to the United Nations Budget process (2004).

Various Missions on behalf of Cameroon or the United Nations to the following countries and organizations: Kenya, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina-Faso, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Cyprus, Slovenia, Greece, India, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua, Cuba, Peru, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Russia, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, FAO, ILO, UNESCO and European Union.

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